The End of Energy

The End of Energy chronicles  more than forty years of energy policy incompetence—from the Nixon administration’s fumbled response to the OPEC oil embargo through the failure to develop alternative energy sources to the current political standoff over… “cap and trade”—and argues that we must make better decisions for our energy future. Until the 1970s, we produced domestically all the oil we needed. Since then, we have had to import most of the oil we use, much of it from the Middle East. And we rely on an even dirtier fuel—coal—to produce half of our electricity. Rather than pushing policies that, over time, would produce the changes we need, we have searched for silver bullets and directed huge subsidies and tax breaks to favored constituents and contributors. Americans have never been asked to pay a price that reflects the real cost of the energy they consume, and until we face the facts about price, our energy incompetence will continue—and along with it the unraveling of our environment, security, and independence.